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The Waterproof Microblading Pen is a new-concept in eyebrow pens. You'll have youthful fuller eyebrows by creating individual hair strokes with our precision 4 prong applicator tip. It's extremely versatile, and can quickly get fuller brows with a super natural look. Lasts all day without smudging.

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Get Those Gorgeous & Dreamy Brows
With Precison Microblading Pen

  • Fills in Empty Patches

    Precision application with hair-like thin strokes
    helps fill in patches and make your brows look fuller and sexier!

  • Enhances Eyebrow Shape

    Enjoy perfectly shaped brows with our four-pronged applicator that adds to the appeal of your facial appearance.

  • Improves Eyebrow Radiance

    Rich colors including Light, Dark, Red, & Grey Brown,
    match your natural shade and enhance the look of your brows.

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Pick Your Shade.
Match Your Natural Eyebrow Color

The Eyebrow Microblading Pen comes in 4 colors to match the most popular brow shades. Choose the one that suits you and get ready for fuller-looking brows that look 100% natural!

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3 Simple Steps
To Perfect Looking Brows

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Superior Value
Save Time - Save Money

  • Save Time

    Often with pencils and other eyebrow applicators, we are extremely self-conscious about how perfect and natural it needs to look. We spend hours in front of a mirror trying to achieve perfection. Our Eyebrow Filler is so easy to use, you will notice within 10 minutes you'll have an all natural and gorgeous look with no stress.

  • Save Money

    Stop spending tons of money on different brushes and pencils that don't work or you find out don't live up to the guarantee of not smudging. Our Eyebrow Filler Pen is the solution you've been searching for.

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Veryfied Buyer

At Home Salon Treatment!

Since I found this Eyebrow Microblading Pen, I have been able to get salon-quality eyebrow makeup done at home! What I love is the precision with which it works, making your brows feel fuller and brighter!

- Brenda

Veryfied Buyer

Easy to apply in minutes!

I was tired of using brushes and pencils to cover my scarce brows. Since I tried this pen there has been no going back and unline other products, it is quick and easy to apply!

- Lauren K.

Veryfied Buyer

Rich color that stays all day long!

Thank you guys for making such an awesome product! I love the rich color that perfectly matches my lashes and stays on for the full day, even when I out in the sun!

- Jacqueline

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